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Buy New Google Voice Cheap Price | New 2024

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New Google Voice Account Purchase

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Buy New Google Voice Cheap Price | New 2024 google voice购买 |New Google Voice老号更稳 | 自助购买 |自动发货 |New google voice 保号


Buy New Google Voice Purchase, Buy New GV Purchase

Google Voice Buy, GV Buy and unlock a seamlessly connected world. Google Voice is an internet based telecommunication service. You can use it through your laptop, PC or mobile phone. The service was made available in October 2004. It is a Voice over Internet Protocol service. It can make and receive calls. It can send emails and messages through it.

It has been distributed in more than 100 countries. It is controlled by web-based platforms such as Gmail. It has more than 2 million users since its launch.

It has a lot of things to offer to its users. If you are interested in making calls, sending messages, and receiving messages, then you can use it. The services of Google Voice only run on the internet. Google Voice is like a phone that you can use wherever you go. Through any device.

It provides a number called Google Voice. It is accessible to any user with a Google account. You can make and receive multiple calls through it from anywhere in the world. Use Google Voice account to stay connected for personal, business, professional and personal work from one device. If you are interested in buying Google Voice account, then you can buy Google Voice account correctly, securely and very cheaply from Gvoicecn.

Are The Key Features Of A Google Voice Account Right For Your Business?

Google Voice provides a wide range of communication tools. It develops and delivers business communications. By ensuring this effective communication platform, you can build strong business relationships with your clients and customers. Build trust and confidence in your brand and business by looking at its reputation. Some of the important features of Google Voice are discussed here.

Call Forwarding

One of the most useful features of Google Voice is call forwarding, which is very useful for businesses. A Google Voice number can handle a large volume of calls by choosing a business phone. It can also serve as a great tool to keep communication flowing. If your business operates in multiple locations, Google Voice can be a great communication tool for your business. This is important for those who have to work from multiple locations. Buy a Google Voice account from us to get more features.

Call Screening And Privacy

Google Voice creates a business phone number for marketing purposes, with options to protect the privacy of your business. Display your chosen number to promote your services online without the worry of directly revealing personal contact information. Google Voice account for more features.

Our Virtual Number

Google Voice account provides a free virtual number. It can be used in all academic fields. Select the number of your choice and make calls from anywhere, anytime, through any device.

Voicemail To Email Transcription

Another great feature of Google Voice is that it allows voicemails to be recorded via email. Voicemails can be transcribed into readable text. It can be accessed through email and web interface. When BCMs are sent via voicemails to email addresses. Team members can be addressed by any member of the team. Reply to your important messages on the go. You can also direct someone to provide information and answer questions. This feature will help you to best manage email communications and voice messages at one place, saving real time.

Call Forwarding Rules

Only Google Voice accounts allow calls to be forwarded to a single number. You can see who can reach you and when. Lets you take control by setting rules and priorities for all calls. It can forward to personal phone, home phone number, any time of the day. You can call from one phone to another. For example, it may call your home phone first, then your office phone, and finally your personal phone. If you don’t answer first.

Routing Capability

With Google voice, you no longer need multiple numbers for multiple purposes. Certain numbers will only ring on the target device using these routing features. Once Google Voice registration options Google Voice account registration, then when you get a Google Voice number, you can control everything from your office phone, sales phone, home phone. When you receive a call, all your phones will ring at the same time. Then you choose the phone that suits you. You can set up voicemail for blind callers.

Block Spam Numbers

Not only does it allow you to screen outgoing calls, it also helps block some calls. It is very aggressive in blocking spam from specific numbers. Telemarketers are one example. When that number is unserved, you get a message.

Free Text Messaging And Voicemail

Text messages can be sent through Google Voice. Messages sent to your Google Voice account can be forwarded through any device. You can reply to any message through the Google Voice web interface. You can easily search online through this feature. When you reset your phone, you replace it with a new device. This way you don’t lose your lessons. You can save and search messages through email.


You can customize your Google Voice account according to your requirements. Suppose you want only one of your devices to ring when someone calls your Google Voice account, then you need to set it up in your own way.

Screening Capabilities

The blocking feature allows you to block incoming calls. You can choose to answer the call and send voicemail. You will know who is calling me first. If the number is not in your contact list, Googlevoice will ask for the name. When you pick up the phone, the phone will call you back.

Receive Calls From Multiple Numbers

Google Voice allows you to receive calls and set up multiple numbers. If someone calls your Googlevoice number, all your devices will ring simultaneously. You have a customer service team that can answer all your customers’ calls and queries efficiently. Then this is very beneficial for your business.

Record Calls, Share Voicemails, And Make Calls

You can record incoming calls through Google Voice. You can share voicemails through email. You can manage conference calls through Google Voice. By installing the call widget on your homepage, you can make calls through customer channels. It is best suited for customer care and service related tasks, especially for businesses.

Google Voice is a free medium for mobile users. Call forwarding can be done through Google Voice. It is a great platform for business communication. With the help of Google Voice, call volume can be managed effectively. It is a very important platform for CRM. If you want to improve your business communication further, then you can buy Google Voice from us. Learn about Google Voice features from us and get access to Google Voice. GVoice can offers original Google Voice numbers at 100% discounted prices.

Why Should You Purchase A Google Voice Account For Your Business?

Google Voice has gained great popularity since its launch. Its number of users is growing rapidly day by day. Google Voice is free to use. It is mainly used for making international calls. It can be used on any device. Using a Google Voice account will further improve your business. Some of the reasons why Google Voice can improve your business are discussed below.

Customer Answering Service

For a business, losing a customer is a loss for the business. In business, customers need to get the right service and have the right questions answered. If you have a website, then your website plays an important role in generating leads. Real estate, insurance, agencies, financial consulting and all types of online businesses will benefit from the services of Google Voice. You purchase multiple Google Voice accounts to provide business leverage.

High Call Volume

One of your big challenges may be handling the high volume of calls from your small business client base. You can send a copy of your voicemails to an official email address through Google Voice. This process will save you time and increase efficiency. You can purchase bulk Google Voice accounts to attract more clients.

SMS Service

You can send SMS to enhance your marketing. Google Voice users can receive and send SMS through their accounts. You can use Google voice through your computer Messenger app or phone device. The thing is that all the threads on the site are well organized. Buy a Google Voice number from our GVoicecn now so you can send SMS.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relations are crucial for every business. If you want to improve your business, it is very important to emphasize on two things: 1 • Products/Services 2 • Customer relations. Every service of Google always improves the needs of customers. SMS service that works with CRM. There are many ways to send greetings to customers. Buy Google Voice number from us now to enhance your CRM system.

For Call Screening And Privacy

Every business can use Google Voice to promote its usage. Business owner can forward all business related calls to his personal phone. Business owner and employees can receive business calls from clients on their own mobile phones without revealing any personal number. Google allows its merchants to set up call forwarding and restrictions. External calls will go directly to voicemail while calls will be forwarded to sales line. Buy Google Voice account from us so that you will not miss important business calls of your company.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Google Voice?

Google provides its users with Google Voice service to make and receive calls. Google has been providing this service to its users for many years. There are many benefits of using Google Voice.

  • You don’t need a physical SIM card to use Google Voice.
  • You can use this Google service completely free of charge.
  • You can use it anywhere in the world.
  • Google provides many features that can be used with Google Voice.
  • Hangouts and YouTube can be accessed using the Google voice application.
  • What makes it special is that it can be used with any device including laptops, mobile phones.

What Can I Do With A Google Voice Number?

Google Voice number is one such phone number. These numbers have many characteristics.

  • You don’t need to provide your name and phone number to use a Google Voice number.
  • You can start a group chat with people who use Google Voice.
  • You can make business calls through your Google Voice account.
  • You can send messages from your Google Voice account.

Its properties vary according to various attributes. You can use the Google Voice number by setting the function.

How To Get A Google Voice Number?

If you want to get a Google Voice number, first you need to know how to get a Google Voice account. We will help you in this matter. You must first create an account to access this service. After creating an account, you log in to the account website or application. Then you set up your account settings. To do this, you need to first look up the number and then find out the number. Then you need to enter your current phone number into Google. You can call anywhere in the world through this number. I will provide you with another easy way to use it. You can buy a Google Voice number with mail access from us. We will provide you with a new Google Voice number with mail access.

What Might I Need To Do Before Using My Google Voice Account?

  • You will first need a computer connected to the internet.
  • You must have a phone number with a Google Account.
  • You must have a strong email.
  • You must have a Vonage account or phone.

How To Buy A Google Voice Number?

You know that GV number is an important medium for online communication. The key is how to get a Google Voice number. You need to create an account on the Google Voice website to get a Google Voice number. Then, if you want to buy the number, you have to choose the number you want. Then you need to add it to your Google account.

You purchase this account from our website. To purchase from our website, you must first enter our website and select a currency. If you are Chinese, select RMB. If you are non-Chinese, select the US dollar currency.

Then you click on the Buy Now button. Then you will be taken to a new page. Then select the quantity you need and click on the Add to Cart button. Then you will be taken to the checkout page. You have to provide your phone number and email address there. Because we will send to your Google Voice account email account. We will deliver your order within (1-12) hours. Then if you are Chinese you will make a crypto payment, if you are non-Chinese you will pay with PayPal or debit, credit card. Then it is our responsibility to deliver the order to you as soon as possible.

How Do I Use Google Voice?

Before you want to use Google voice, you need to know some features of Google voice. You can use it on your laptop, PC and mobile devices. First you need to log in to use it. We share some tips to use it.

  • First, you register using your name and a password.
  • Then open the chat window by connecting the microphone.
  • Then search for Google Voice in the Google search bar.
  • Then you type it. Then you type hello to talk. You can talk through it as many times as you want.
  • If you can’t hear clearly through the microphone, try speaking louder.

Customers Asked Some Common Questions

How Do We Purchase A Google Voice Account?

  • You can purchase a Google Voice account at a very low cost from our website.

Are All Our Google Voice Accounts Phone Verified?

  • All our accounts are 100% phone verified.

Can I Purchase Multiple Google Voice Accounts?

  • Yes, you can purchase bulk Google Voice accounts.

💬 Brand new Google Voice random numbers for sale (US virtual phone numbers), supporting Alipay and USDT payments.

👉 Use high-quality US Google Gmail mailbox + US residential IP address + US real card phone number to manually register GV number, self-service purchase and automatic delivery.

📝Card code format

Account—Password—Auxiliary Email—Auxiliary Email Password—Number (the U.S. area code + 1 is not added before the number, add it as needed, some numbers do not have an auxiliary email password and it does not affect the use)

gvnumber@gmail.com—-password—-recovery@gvnumber.com—-recoveryPassword—-(888) 888-8888

🔑 First time login

👉 It is recommended to log in using an IP address with few users (the United States is best)

👉 If verification is required, please select the third option: Confirm the recovery email, then enter the recovery email to log in, see the picture on the right 👀.

👉 If the IP risk index is high, risk control will be triggered and the phone number needs to be verified. You can use your mobile phone number for verification, or you can use a non-virtual number at home or abroad for verification (verifying the mobile phone number will not have any impact or privacy risk, and verification does not produce any binding behavior).

👉 Check the GV number. If there is no problem, then immediately enable 2-step verification (you can bind domestic and foreign phone numbers, not the GV number itself), use a fixed device to maintain the number, and change the auxiliary email and password the next day .

👉 If there is a problem with your account, do not change your password and recovery email address. Send the order number and a screenshot of the problem to the customer service email address to resolve it.

👉 Nanny Tutorial: Google Voice Account First Login & Usage Tutorial

⚠️ After-sales guarantee

  1. Guaranteed first login, ensuring that the account is intact when you log in for the first time.
  2. After-sales time is 24 hours after purchase. If you have any questions, please contact us in time.
  3. Changing the password and recovery email address is deemed to indicate that there is no problem with the account and after-sales service is completed.
  4. After checking that there is no problem with your account, please enable 2-step verification for your Google account, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy after-sales service.
  5. Multiple GV accounts must be logged in using a fingerprint browser, with one IP address logging in to one account, otherwise there will be no after-sales service.

👩👨Contact Customer Service

When contacting customer service, please provide the order number/contact email address and a screenshot of the problem so that customer service can solve the problem for you in a timely manner.
👩 Online customer service, click the online chat message icon in the lower right corner of the webpage
✈️ Customer service Telegram https://t.me/gvnumer
📧 Customer service email service@gvnumber.com

🔑 Transferable

📝 If you need to transfer to your own Google account, it is recommended to transfer 3 months after purchase to avoid risk control. The transfer must be completed in a US IP address environment! The Google Account Terms of Service version of the receiving Google Voice number must be US. If it does not meet the requirements, the GV transfer process may fail.

🚨 Google Voice Number Recycling Policy

🔸 Google Voice numbers are permanently free, but may be recycled if not actively used for three consecutive months🔸
Actively making calls or sending text messages counts as usage. Google will email you a reminder one month and one week before recycling🔸
Google Voice official number recycling rules: https://www.google.com/intl/zh-CN/googlevoice/program-policies.html

💰 Rates

🔸 Google Voice has no monthly fee, incoming calls are free, incoming text messages are free, and text messages are free (can only be sent to North American numbers)
🔸 Calls to North America are free, but calls to other countries are charged. Calls to China are 1 cent per minute, and for calls to other countries, please check the official rates: https://www.google.com/voice/rates?hl=zh-CN

💳 Top up

🔸 Google Voice recharge only supports credit card (Visa/MasterCard) recharge, with a minimum recharge of $10. Credit cards issued by domestic banks with Visa or MasterCard logos can be recharged.
🔸 Google Voice recharge problem – You need to log in to the website to bind your credit card (Visa/MasterCard), and wait for 1 week after binding before recharging.

🔒 How to keep your Google Voice number

🔸 Make or receive voice calls proactively. It is recommended to save your number by replying to a text message in your Gmail mailbox.

💡 You can quickly change your account information through the link below:

  • 🔑 Change your account password: https://myaccount.google.com/signinoptions/password 🚪
  • 📧 Change your recovery email: https://myaccount.google.com/recovery/email 📩
  • 📱 Bind your phone number: https://myaccount.google.com/signinoptions/rescuephone 📞
  • 🔐 Turn on two-step verification: https://myaccount.google.com/signinoptions/two-step-verification 🔒
  • 💻 Sign out of other devices: https://myaccount.google.com/device-activity 📴

📝 Register an account on other websites

🔸 Google Voice numbers support most websites that can be registered with US mobile phone numbers. If you cannot receive the verification code, it may be because the network or the other party has blocked the virtual number.
🔸 WeChat/QQ cannot be registered but can be bound. WeChat Out can be enabled. Please register Telegram with an Apple phone. Because the registration app is related to the IP/device, it is not guaranteed to be feasible.
🔸 The APP registration policy is determined by each application and changes at any time. No refund or exchange will be made for this reason.


1: What is GV?

GV number stands for Google Voice, which is a virtual number in the United States. Compared with the domestic +86 number, it is more private and will not disclose your real number.

The format of GV number is like +1 (808)999-8888. All Google Voice phone numbers are from the United States, with the country code of the United States +1 and the phone number being 10 digits.

2: What is the use of GV?

Google Voice numbers can be used to make calls (U.S. numbers), send text messages (U.S. numbers), receive text messages, and can also be used for normal mailbox functions, that is, you can send and receive emails.

GV number is mainly used to register foreign social software and can be used to receive verification codes, such as Telegram, Twitter, etc.

3: How to register GV?

It is extremely difficult and costly to register a GV number for an individual. It is recommended to purchase GV directly, which saves time and effort.

4: How to protect the GV number from being reclaimed?

Google officially stated that if you have sent messages or made calls within every 3 months, you can continue to use your GV number.

5: How to maintain a Google Voice account?

Please use a fixed IP address to log in after purchase, and only receive SMS verification codes through Gmail in the early stage, and make and receive calls in the Google Voice mobile app . When using Google Voice, please abide by the relevant usage rules and do not abuse, group control or other improper behaviors to ensure the security of your account and services and avoid triggering unnecessary risk control measures.

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