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Buy Old Google Voice Account Cheap Price | Old google voice购买 | Old Google Voice老号更稳 | 自助购买 | 自动发货 | Old google voice 保号

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Old Google Voice Account Purchase

Old Google Voice Account To Buy GVoicecn:-

  • 100% verified google voice account purchase.
  • 100% active Google Voice number.
  • 12-hour exchange guarantee.
  • Create Google Voice using your powerful Gmail account
  • Added 100% recovery email
  • Faster delivery
  • Delivered via email
  • Very cheap
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Google Voice Account Purchase

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Why Buy An Old Google Voice Account? (为什么要购买旧的 Google Voice 帐户?)

Buy Old Google Voice Account Cheap Price |Old google voice购买 | Old Google Voice老号更稳 | 自助购买 | 自动发货 |Old google voice 保号


There are many benefits of the older Google Voice account. It helps us improve our skills and communication capabilities. It provides enhanced security along with other Google services. Buy An Old Google Voice Account It is mainly used for personal and commercial purposes. Buy an older Google Voice account to enjoy its features more frequently. The older Google Voice not only retains the functionality and privacy. This leads us to developed countries. It is an advanced means of communication in developed countries.

Old Google Voice account purchase: stable and prosperous.

Time test: Pass the account stability test.

Use and Purchase: You can use it with confidence, the possibility of suspension is very low.

The old Google Voice account is more reliable and stable than the new Google Voice account.

Summary: This account provides greater stability and reliability. US Google Voice is manually applied through a US home IP.

🎉🌟📱 GV old number : 🎂 Rich heritage and stability🔝!

✅Time Test🕒: Pass the account stability test🎯

🛒🛍️Purchase and use: The probability of account being blocked is reduced⬇️, enjoy with peace of mind🌈

💪🆚New Google Voice number: Google Voice old number is more stable and reliable👍,

⚠️Note: The storage time of old numbers is only relative, and the stability of the number shall prevail. Please pay attention👀

📌Summary: It provides you with excellent stability and reliability. The GV stability of the old mailbox is stronger than that of the new mailbox. The old GV number is your wise choice! 🌟👌

All of our Google Voice services use U.S. household static IPs, independent devices, and manually applied U.S. Google Voice.

📝 Account Format

Account—Password—Auxiliary Email—Auxiliary Email Password—Number (the U.S. area code + 1 is not added before the number, add it as needed, some numbers do not have an auxiliary email password and it does not affect the use)

🔑 Instructions | Step-by-Step Guide 🔑 First time login

👉 Please log in from an IP with few users (the United States is best).

👉 If verification is required, please select the third option: Confirm recovery email, then enter the recovery email to log in, see the picture on the right.

👉 If the IP risk index is high, risk control will be triggered and the phone number needs to be verified. You can use your mobile phone number for verification, or you can use a non-virtual number at home or abroad for verification (verifying the mobile phone number will not have any impact or privacy risk, and verification does not produce any binding behavior).

👉 Check the GV number. If there is no problem, then immediately enable 2-step verification (you can bind domestic and foreign phone numbers, do not bind the GV number itself), use a fixed device to maintain the number, and change the auxiliary email and password every other day🔐 to avoid risk control.

👉 If there is a problem with your account, please send the order number and a screenshot of the problem to the customer service email address for resolution. Do not change your password or auxiliary email address to avoid voiding your warranty.

👉 For multiple accounts, please use different clean IPs to log in and clear cookies. After logging in to an account, it is recommended to keep this IP for subsequent use of this account.

👉 Nanny Tutorial: Google Voice Account First Login & Usage Tutorial

👩👨Contact Customer Service

When contacting customer service, please provide the order number/contact email address and a screenshot of the problem so that customer service can solve the problem for you in a timely manner.
👩 Online customer service, click the online chat message icon in the lower right corner of the webpage

⚠️ After-sales terms

  1. Guaranteed first login, ensuring that the account is intact when you log in for the first time.
  2. After-sales time is 24 hours after purchase. If you have any questions, please contact us in time.
  3. Changing the password and recovery email address is deemed to indicate that there is no problem with the account and after-sales service is completed.
  4. After checking that there is no problem with your account, please enable 2-step verification for your Google account, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy after-sales service.
  5. Multiple GV accounts must be logged in using a fingerprint browser, with one IP address logging in to one account, otherwise there will be no after-sales service.

📦 Transfer Guide 📦

If you need to transfer to your own Google account, it is recommended to transfer 3 months after purchase to avoid risk control. For transfer methods, please refer to the graphic tutorial of transferring Google Voice number to another Google account

The transfer must be completed in a US IP environment. The Google Mailbox receiving the Google Voice number must be registered with a US IP address. If this is not the case, the Google Voice transfer process may fail and may result in suspension of the Google Voice product.

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    Amazing Service – Amazing communication, Very smooth processing, will talk to you before delivery. Highly recommended. Above and beyond my expectations. Deeply honored and appreciate their work.

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    Once again…excellence delivered! Thank you!

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